Extraction / Wisdom tooth Removal

Children look forward to a visit from the Tooth Fairy-adults on the other hand, are not as excited to lose a tooth. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime and our goal is for you to keep your natural teeth, but certain circumstances may deem extraction necessary in order to achieve the best possible oral health.

There are many reasons it may be necessary to pull a tooth, listed below are the most common.

Infection: Tooth decay infecting the center of the tooth-the pulp-which contains blood vessels and nerves. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the pulp and lead to infection. If the infection is unresponsive to antibiotics or root canal treatment in which the pulp is removed, does not provide a solution then an extraction may be necessary.

Periodontal Disease: Also known as gum disease is an infection of the tissues and bones surrounding teeth. If compromised by gum disease, teeth can become loose and unstable leaving little choice but to pull the tooth.

Tooth Crowding:Some patients who have tooth crowding may need to extract teeth in order to prepare for orthodontic work. This will alleviate the crowding and allow for the best possible outcome of straight, well aligned teeth.

Wisdom Teeth: These are our third set of molars which we get in our late teens and early twenties. Wisdom teeth can cause problems to good oral health due to the crowding they can cause. If the wisdom tooth is impacted, only partially breaking through the jaw and tissue, bacteria can enter around the tooth causing infection that results in pain and swelling. A visit to Dr. Kantarovich's office where he can take a quick x-ray or CT scan and evaluate the status and positioning of your wisdom teeth.

Highly trained in dental extractions, Dr. Kantarovich has preformed countless extractions, from the simple to the complex. Tooth extractions begin with making the patient completely comfortable and pain free. After the patient is completely numb, Dr. Kantarovich will begin to gently remove the tooth out of its socket. Most extractions are painless and the patients are completely comfortable and go about their normal day.

Don't wait, come in and see why Dr. Kantarovich in Orange County is a leading dental specialist for all your dental needs.