Dentures & Partial Dentures

Complete dentures in lay terms are "false teeth" or removable replacements for missing teeth supported by surrounding hard and soft tissues of the mouth once you have lost your teeth. Patients resort to dentures due to several reasons such as loss of all teeth or loss of several teeth, dental diseases such as periodontal diseases "gum disease", tooth decay and also developmental defects. Dentures help patients regain form and function of the oral cavity. Well made dentures work together with the muscles of the face to reverse the aging process of the skin by removing wrinkles which are formed by a decreased vertical dimension of the face "collapse" which forms from severely worn down or missing teeth or old worn dentures.

Dr. Kantarovich's dentures are uniquely designed to be as close looking to one’s natural teeth and provide an original or enhanced look and smile.

There are three types of Completely Removable Dentures: Conventional, Immediate and Implant Assisted dentures

Conventional Dentures

These are dentures made for a patients who come to the office with no teeth and a new prosthesis is custom fabricated. Dr. Kantarovich allows multiple appointments to fit the patient with the correct size, shape, color and position of teeth. Attention is given to esthetics "looks" and function "how the teeth come together for chewing. Being a dental specialist a "prosthodontist", Dr. Kantarovich has vast training and experience to fabricate the best fitting prosthesis so the patient can be most comfortable….this makes all the difference.


These are dentures made for a patient who currently have some or most of there teeth and need to be removed to provide a healthier oral condition. Dr. Kantarovich makes impressions and takes measurements to deliver a new set of teeth the same appointment the teeth are extracted. The patient is able to walk away with a healthier, functional smile.

Implant Assisted

These are the most common dentures fabricated for patients. Dental implants, as few as two are easily placed and assist in retaining the dentures so it doesn't dislodge during chewing. Patient can enjoy eating almost anything and feel confident that their teeth are secure. Many patients desire even more retention so four to six implants are placed to make the dentures completely implant supported. Dr. Kantarovich tells all his patients that if one wants to have the feeling of having their teeth back more implants will provide for that goal. Look at the implant section to learn more about dental implants.