Cosmetic Bonding

A beautiful smile is so important in making a good first impression. A healthy looking smile with white straight teeth allows you to speak and smile with greater confidence. A mouth full of discolored, crooked, chipped teeth have the opposite effect. Cosmetic bonding is an effortless solution to achieving a confident smile.

Modern dentistry has created an easy solution for teeth that are crooked, stained and chipped. Dr Kantarovich can change the color and shape of your teeth in one appointment. You will leave the office with a completely new dazzling smile.

Bonding is the process of adding a light activated composite resin material to the tooth and sculpting it to the perfect shape. The bonding materials come in a wide variety of colors for every tooth variation.

Bonding produces these immediate results for:

  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Repairing chips and cracks
  • Teeth Stained and discolored teeth are color corrected
  • Fillings and Cavities
  • When short teeth need to be lengthened
  • Exposed root surfaces that require protection
  • Crooked teeth which need reshaping

To perform the bonding procedure Dr. Kantarovich will remove any decay, apply a bonding solution to the tooth and then apply a durable composite resin to the tooth. Dr Kantarovich will then work his magic to reshape and correct. The result is a natural looking tooth that has been restored and made beautiful. One tooth or many teeth can be bonded in order to achieve your desired goal.

Bonding can last for many years. The results are immediate and impressive, allowing you to enjoy a more confident smile. Call the office and make an appointment today for a complimentary smile design.