Attachments are used in dentistry to help anchor a tooth or removable prosthesis. Think of an attachment being an aid to assist in securing the dental prosthesis so it has increased retention, stability and resistance from dislodging forces.

Attachments can be incorporated into a crown to help hold a removable partial denture. Attachments can also be screwed into a dental implant and the prosthesis can snap onto the attachment making it very sturdy, firm and not loose.

Dr. Kantarovich is very successful in providing all his patients with a convenient, affordable alternative to using over–the-counter pastes and powders. Attachments are like having laces with shoes. Tight shoes will promote less soreness and better fit; likewise dentures and partials will not move causing rubbing and sore spots.

Some of the types of attachments used by our office are as follows:

  • Locator Attachments
  • Hader Attachments
  • ERA Attachements