All On-Four

Thanks to the advancement of modern dentistry Dr. Daniel Kantarovich has a proven solution for his edentulous "toothless" patients. All On-Four is the solution to the problems of traditional dentures . The day to day frustrations of ill fitting dentures are gone and the bulky denture is replaced with a set of natural looking teeth fabricated without a palate allowing for increased comfort and renewed dietary freedom. The All On-Four procedure will provide you with a beautiful smile, immediate functionality and improved quality of life.

As the name implies, All On-Four is a technique in which four dental implants are placed in the jaw to support a customized set of fixed teeth. Because where the implants are positioned bone grafting and sinus grafting are usually not necessary. In many cases All On-Four patients receive their new smile in the same visit. As a Prosthodontist , Dr. Kantarovich is a specialist in the field of restoring teeth. His expertise and years in practice produce highly predictable outcomes. He has preformed the All On-Four procedure countless times and his patient are extremely pleased with their remarkable success.

We encourage you to call and make an appointment to convert your removable dentures into a fixed retained denture implant supported prosthesis.