Tooth Stains

Tooth stains may occur internally within the tooth structure or as external, surface stains. Tooth stains may be caused by problems with the formation of the tooth enamel, problems within the tooth or by simple stains from food, beverages or habits. Certain medications or chemicals taken by a pregnant woman or by a very young child can disrupt the development of tooth enamel and result in the tooth becoming stained with gray bands, mottling or pitting.

Tooth stains may also be caused by a tooth that is chronically infected or necrotic "dead" causing the tooth to take on a grayish hue. In this situation, the infection must first be treated and then the color can be corrected by bleaching or restoration, such as bonding, veneer or crown. The simplest form of tooth stain is the discoloration caused by external factors such as food, beverages or tobacco use.

The first step to removing stains begins with a thorough teeth cleaning with the hygienist where the stain will be removed. If there is any stain remaining, I will examine your teeth and make recommendations, so that you can reach your desired results.