Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Good news:  It can be caught early in its development.

A comprehensive oral cancer screening takes just 3-5 minutes.  Dr. Kantarovich will perform a visual and tactile exploration of the interior of your mouth, as well as the underside of your chin and neck.  If an area of concern is detected , Dr. Kantarovich will refer you to a specialist for another opinion, and perhaps even a small painless biopsy of the tissue in question. 

Referral for a second opinion should not alarm you, but assure you that Dr. Kantarovich wants to conclusively determine what any abnormality may be.   Most abnormalities  turn out to be benign conditions.  this quick and inexpensive cancer examination will allow any serious condition to be caught at the earliest possible time, when treatments are the most effective.  An oral cancer screening such as this should be conducted every year, and is easily incorporated into your routine visits for cleanings and regular exams.  For those who engage in known risk factors such as the use of tobacco, it should be done more frequently.  In the future, new discovery and diagnostic tools currently being tested and developed may be used.  However, the visual and tactile screening techniques available today are more than adequate to find oral cancers in their most highly curable stages.